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Below is a link to a blog by Cynthia from RunHaven.com. She writes
about how Fleet Feet Sports is her favorite running store!
And we have to say - we are all smiles for her thinking of us!
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Below is an email - word-for-word - that we received from a current program participant, Brad. We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to help transform lives.
Thank you for writing such a touching review. 

What is there to love about FLEET FEET SPORTS?
Is it the varied choices of GREAT CLOTHING?
Perhaps the availability of GREAT TRAINING? and GREAT COACHING?
Could one ever forget the GREAT PEOPLE?

I think it is all of that and more
why I LOVE Fleet Feet Sports.

Great clothing comes with a price and Fleet Feet has
In addition, they also have a very knowledgeable FLEET FEET SPORTS STAFF that doesn't just sell to move merchandise. They get to know each person as more than a customer; they know them as a family friend. They learn what works and what doesn't for that person. They find out what is comfortable, what fits for the specific activity and level of engagement that person, that family friend, will be involved in. The clothing has been a superb fit and comfort for me! So has the unique system of fitting for shoes!

Where's the proof of this?

Two and a half months of training and my first 5K race with no complaints whatsoever on any of the merchandise from Fleet Feet that I've been wearing. Yes, my own skills certainly helped me to achieve but, maybe...just maybe the clothing helped my form. :-)

The Fleet Feet Sports staff
aren't door greeters.

They aren't product pushers. They aren't Sales-First, People-Last. They are athletes who understand the products they work with, wear and use the products they work with and make the best recommendations possible. If it's not right for the customer, they don't push. They help by suggesting alternatives, by providing the best information, by evaluating each person's needs in the same way as they would do for their own selves. They LISTEN to each and every customer. They also learn from the experiences of the customers. Together, Everyone has something to offer. That is respect! 
That is Community! 

Yet, that is not all. It is also the 

I have yet to find other places (and doubt I will) which offer such a variety of training for all ages and shapes and experiences. Be it the teen or the 'once-upon-a-teen'; the couch spud or the seasoned stud; the 'been there, done it' athlete or the 'never in my life' but really-wanna-be athletic. Something for everyone, with the same courteous and gentle approach of treating each person individually in helping them to achieve their goal in walking or running. Sure, some of the gyms have their own fitness programs, but those are mostly about the equipment in the gym. It's not that Fleet Feet discourages people from using gyms for their fitness needs. By no means.
But I see the FLEET FEET SPORTS TRAINING PROGRAMS as a more 'natural' approach to getting fit. Every program, to me, has been carefully constructed and evaluated and fine-tuned to make it work for all ages, all shapes, all levels. The mentors and coaches work hard with each person to make certain they are able to work well within a program, keeping a careful eye to prevent injuries while guiding, encouraging, and providing the right feedback to bring out the best qualities in each person and helping them to succeed. The PRICING on the programs is very reasonable too! 
I LOVE how Fleet Feet Sports is engaged in the Community through connecting to local merchants and very worthy causes in their race offerings.
Try to find a gym that does that!
It's not a 'this will make us look good' effort. It's what I see the people believe in. Each of them has an involvement that is either personal or one they can connect with because they know of someone who has been affected. That comes from the heart.
You can't buy that. This I LOVE and Respect! 
Though I've only connected with Fleet Feet Gaithersburg of recent, I know that the people I've connected with in the past 3 months will be lifetime friends. 

So, do I LOVE FLEET FEET SPORTS  and most especially
the Folks at Fleet Feet Gaithersburg? 

That's a BIG - YOU BET I DO!

Well, Gotta Run!


Below is an email we received from Mike K. of CrossFit Koncepts

"I'm a huge fan of Fleet Feet Sports for a lot of reasons!  First and foremost is your awesome staff that are experts in finding you the right shoe and the right fit for whatever kind of runner that you are.  I also love the wide variety of clinics and events that Fleet Feet Sports offers throughout the year.  You've done an incredible job at bringing all types of runners together to learn, have fun, and enjoy the art of running.  

Keep doing an awesome job guys!"

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