Rhonda, we're glad you've learned the difference between right and write and that other 'wrigt' that you invented.  

Rhonda Leib 

Grand Poohbah of Purchasing and Inventory Control

Where did you grow up?
Grew up on a farm
located in Iowa.
The corn grows tall there. 

How do you stay fit?
does not do a body good.
Run. Bike. Hike. Repeat. 

What's one goal you're working toward making a reality?
Epic excursions
by myself or on a team
C and O - let's go! 

Favorite shoe to cover the miles in?
Appropriate shoes
will keep me injury-free.
I'll take the best fit. 

Something interesting about Rhonda that you may not know:
Sometimes I like to 
express myself in Haiku.
Don't try this at home. 


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