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Lily Trotters


Lily Trotters Compression Socks started with an experience.

In 2011, our founder Susan traveled to Africa for a vacation with her best friend and their daughters. Worried about the risk to her legs on such a long flight, she wore compression socks on the plane.

When they landed, she was tired, but her legs were energized and ready to go, not at all the feeling she expected after sitting for more than 20 hours.

She was thrilled to experience firsthand how wearing compression socks could provide comfort and ease the cramping that often accompanies long journeys. Wearing them on the plane ride home, Susan wondered if compression socks could deliver similar benefits in other aspects of her life.

The socks Susan wore on the plane were thin, 15-20 mmHg medical compression stockings: effective, but unattractive. A casual runner, she began searching for compression socks that were also beautiful and fun, to wear with her running gear as well as her everyday outfits.

When she couldn’t find ones that were thin enough to be a stylish ladies trouser sock and strong enough for serious athletic use, she decided to bring them to market herself. Today, Lily Trotters produces designer, high-performance compression socks for women, which deliver fit, comfort and style, whether you’re in a dress shoe or running shoe. And hers would be made in the USA. And so, Lily Trotters was born!


Our Commitment to You

At Fleet Feet, we are committed to helping you conquer your goals at every level, on every surface, at every distance with personalized solutions, inspiration, and knowledge. We want to empower you to pursue your goals and enjoy a lifetime of running. And we are obsessed with helping you find the perfect fitting running shoes, sports bras, socks, insoles, and gear to do what you love.

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