Transforming Lives One Training Program at a Time:

A Review of the 2014 Training Season
at Fleet Feet Sports

Since opening its doors nearly ten years ago, Fleet Feet Sports’ goal and priority has been to get people active, moving and motivated and to help them successfully do so with the right apparel, footwear, gear and guidance. Fleet Feet Sports co-owner, Robyn Gault commented, “We left secure, stable, office jobs because we wanted to do more; we wanted to help people.”

Fleet Feet Sports is truly more than a running or walking or fitness store. It is a hub for product, education, camaraderie, health, fitness and personal growth. One of the keys to being this hub for so many area runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts are their Training Programs. The Training Programs offered may not generate the most financially, but the lives changed and the relationships built are the cornerstone to the store’s strong foundation within the community.

Over the years the number of Training Programs has steadily grown. For the 2014 Training Season nearly 900 participants successfully completed a program. Digging even further into the numbers:

-       62 participants completed a WalkFit Training Program
-       290 participants completed a 5K Training Program
-       72 participants completed a 10K Training Program
-       39 participants completed a 10 Mile Training Program
-       97 participants completed a Half Marathon Training Program
-       34 participants completed a Full Marathon Training Program
-       New this year! 298 participants completed the Ton of Fun Challenge

New for 2014, was the addition of the Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge. “We realized not everyone was ready, willing or able to become a runner or walker, so we created [Ton of Fun] the program,” described Gault. Ton of Fun can be used as the beginning step on a journey towards a healthy lifestyle or it can be used as motivation to lose those last couple pesky, unwanted pounds.

The program is 12 weeks long and features weekly weigh-ins, weekly eNewsletters and prizes/incentives for key weight loss milestones. One of the biggest components to the program is the ability to trial up to 12 different forms of fitness activities. Foundry Fitness in the Kentlands offers all participants a free class every Sunday of the program and on top of that, each week a new activity is offered – from yoga or Jazzercise to Zumba, Piloxing or boxing. “The hope is that they’ll find an activity that is right for them. Something they can become consistent with,” added co-owner Chris Gault about the program. By inviting other local businesses to participate, not only do the Ton of Fun members benefit, but the local community benefits.

Three sessions of Ton of Fun were held throughout 2014 and the statistics on the program’s success speak for themselves:

-       Nearly 300 people participated in the program
-       Just shy of 2,000 pounds (ONE TON!) of weight was lost
-       Over 175 participants lost at least 3.1 pounds
-       Over 110 participants lost at least 6.2 pounds
-       Over 45 participants lost at least 13.1 pounds
-       Seven participants lost at least 26.2 pounds

With 2015 just around the corner, Fleet Feet Sports is looking ahead to the New Year. For 2015 they’re adding a Speed Development Program to help runners continue their running journey, and goals have been set for over 1,000 program participants and to lose OVER 2,000 pounds in the Ton of Fun programs.

With all their programs, from Ton of Fun and WalkFit to Half and Full Marathon Training, the goal is safe, successful completion of the goal race and integrating training and running into an overall healthy lifestyle. Robyn concluded and Chris agreed, “Through the Training Programs offered we have been able to have such a huge impact on so many lives. It’s easily the most meaningful and rewarding part of what we do. We love being a part of the community.”


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