Running is powerful. Not only in the ways it transforms body and mind, but in the way it can build relationships and lifelong bonds between people who – without running – may never have crossed paths.

Last month we covered the awesome group of Fleet Feet runners/walkers – The Tribe – and the powerful bond of friendship that developed through running at Fleet Feet Sports. But even beyond friendship, running has had the power to spark romance and love within the Fleet Feet Sports community.

Just this past June we experienced our first-ever Fleet Feet Sports runners’ engagement! Longtime Fleet Feet Sports Fun Run runners, Brett and Mike celebrated their love by popping the question at Fleet Feet on June 22nd.

Back in the spring of 2012 the two met at one of our FFSRC Thursday night fun runs. Over the next few weeks Mike slowed his pace just to cover the miles with his new friend, Brett. While running they’d spend the time talking and getting to know one another and then continue the conversation after the run, grabbing pizza and beer or breakfast following Saturday morning group runs.

Over time and many, many runs together, their running friendship transformed into a relationship. In 2013, Brett and Mike even travelled to Big Sur, California together to tackle the beauty of the Big Sur Marathon (pictured above).

Since 2012, their relationship has grown and changed, but one thing has remained a constant – Thursday night fun runs at Fleet Feet Sports. Thanks to the community of runners and walkers Fleet Feet has built, incredible relationships like Brett and Mike’s have the platform to develop.

On June 22nd of this year, in nearly the exact same spot they had met over three years ago, Mike surprised Brett right in front of the store. He got down on one knee, told her just how much she meant to him and pulled a ring from his pocket. Fleet Feet staff members quickly caught wind of what was happening and came running out of the store with cowbells in hand and lots of hugs and congratulations.

The Power of Running is amazing. It brings people together; from different ages, different occupations and different backgrounds. While speaking to Brett about her engagement she put the Power of Running perfectly, "The friends you make through running at Fleet Feet are the people who help you move, pick you up if your car breaks down and bring you soup when you’re sick. They’re the people you can count on, not just to cover the miles with, but to be there when you need a helping hand or even a shoulder to lean on; they are as close to family as it gets."

At Fleet Feet Sports we are honored to have such an incredible community around us. The relationships that are built through our running programs and the store mean more to us than any shoe sold. We are excited to celebrate with Brett and Mike as they begin the next step on their journey! And if you see Brett or Mike at the next fun be sure to say congratulations!

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