Like many of you, The Tribe tackled the Rockville Rotary Twilight RunFest on Saturday, July 18th. You probably didn’t hear about their incredible finish times or breakneck race pace, and that’s because that’s not what The Tribe is all about. 

Yes, some of The Tribe members are fast, and even more of them are back-of-the-packers, but when it comes to The Tribe it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go. What does matter is that you go, that you give your best every time, that you push yourself and encourage others to give their very best.
So, what exactly is this Tribe then? Colette Releford the loosely named founder of The Tribe explained a little bit about where the term even came from, “it’s not just a group. A group is too exclusive. It’s a tribe, it’s welcoming and inclusive. We’re constantly adding new members.” Releford’s Tribe is a group of runners who not only run together, but celebrate each other together. From weddings to dinner-and-a-movie nights to concerts and races, The Tribe is there for one another in more ways than just running.

The Tribe is not just a group you run with, but a group of amazing people that you can run to when life throws you a curveball. Their doors are always open and they’re always there to lend a fellow Tribe member a helping hand or shoulder to lean on. Just a few weeks back, Colette arrived at Fleet Feet and soon learned her car was on the fritz. Thanks to The Tribe she quickly had multiple rides home and offers to help. It's clear, the overall goal with The Tribe is simple: bring out the best in one another and share those special lifetime moments with each other.

The only requirement to join The Tribe is the right attitude. If you’re willing to show up, lift each other up and have a great time with great people then The Tribe is for you. Releford elaborated on what that right attitude entails, “If a member of The Tribe falls during a race, we’re going to be there carrying you across the finish line.”

As we move into August, The Tribe is the perfect example and helps define what The Power of Running (in case you hadn’t heard that’s what August and September are all about here at Fleet Feet Sports!) really means.

The Power of Running is an incredible force created within the Fleet Feet Sports community. It’s a daily goal, and a life-long aspiration. It’s at once a physical act, and an emotional journey. It’s a foundation of health and a pinnacle of achievement. It takes time, yet it gives you years. It moves you away and brings you closer. It is empowering. It is humbling. It creates interaction. It enables solitude. It tears down insecurities. It builds communities. It takes a lot, but gives so much. It is The Power of Running, and it starts at Fleet Feet Sports.

We are proud to be a part of the local running community and we love helping each and every member of the community on their running journey. We hope that you, just like Colette, Lynn, Thai, Karen, Janelle, Mary and Angel of The Tribe, find out just what The Power of Running can do. It truly is a magical force that can move people further, faster and closer together than they’d ever imagined.


DISCLAIMER: The Tribe is not affiliated with Fleet Feet Sports. The Tribe is simply an excellent example of how The Power of Running can create relationships that are bigger than just running. We hope that through running people are able to cultivate strong, positive relationships that last a lifetime!

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