Fleet Feet Sports, Gaithersburg Challenges the
Greater Gaithersburg Community to Lose a Ton of Weight - LITERALLY!

Gaithersburg, MD - December 10, 2013 - With the new year just around the corner we are gearing up to challenge the greater Gaithersburg community to lose a ton of weight; two thousand pounds to be exact!

We realize not everyone is ready to jump into a full-on, 12-week walking or running program, so we are starting at the very beginning with the basics, and encouraging weight loss, healthy eating (thanks to a partnership with Whole Foods Market - Kentlands) and simply becoming more active - whether it's taking the dog for an extra walk or parking a little further away at the grocery store. This New Year we want to get people motivated and moving. 

Our 12-week Ton of Fun program is designed to provide incentive and information for successful weight loss. Throughout the program participants will weigh-in on a weekly basis at our Kentlands store and they will be rewarded for various milestones. For example, participants can reach various weight loss "Race Clubs;" 5K Club when 3.1 pounds have been lost, 10K Club when 6.2 pounds have been lost, and all the way up to the Ultramarathon Club (when over 26.3 pounds are lost).

In addition to the "Race Clubs," participants will receive many other benefits, including:

- Weekly weigh-ins to keep them on track and accountable
- Weekly eNewsletter filled with support, information, healthy recipes and more
- Closed group page on Facebook with unlimited access to our running and walking coaches
- Group workout opportunities each week
- Fun ideas to get out and moving around Gaithersburg and Montgomery County
- Injury prevention
- Nutrition resources
- Price incentives and the opportunity to earn program fee back!

The biggest incentive for the Ton of Fun program is the participants' ability to earn the entire program fee back by hitting weight loss goals along the way. At the 8-week check-in, if 2% of the original body weight has been lost, the participant will receive a $25 gift certificate and at the final, 12-week weigh-in, if 5% of the original body weight has been lost the participant will receive another $25 gift certificate.

The program is open to everyone and we hope to surpass the one-ton weight loss goal. Robyn Gault, co-owner of Fleet Feet Sports, Gaithersburg is excited to get the program rolling, "We truly want each and everyone in the program to be successful and we thought what better time than the New Year to launch this new program."

Registration is open now and can be done in-store. Registration forms are available online at Fleet Feet Sports' website. The first weigh-in will take place during the week of January 4th, 2014 and the program will culminate with an awards celebration on March 29th.  

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