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How often do running shoes need to be replaced?

Running shoes break down after 300-500 miles or roughly 6-8 months. The shoe itself will still be intact but it's the mid-sole cushioning that breaks down and needs to be replaced. After the shoe has lived it's life you'll notice creasing in the cushioning, the shoe will become more flexible and in some cases fold-able. Some runners will notice shin splints and knee pain which are often indications of not getting enough support.

What are shin splints?

"Shin splints" is a catchall term for pain that usually occurs to the outside of the shin and is common in new runners. It can occur from switching the surfaces you run on (from going from the treadmill to the road), not receiving enough support from your shoes (too old or not enough posting), without adequate support from your shoe your foot is allowed to over-pronate which is excessive movement of the arch and ankle and causes a greater strain on the tibialis. Sometimes it simply occurs from doing too much too soon. Ice the area that pain is occurring as well as look into replacing your shoes.

What kind of socks should I wear?

Anything aside from Cotton! That's right, NO COTTON. Cotton is a plant which means that it tries to absorb moisture. It holds onto sweat weighing down the material (3-4 times more than synthetic) it will also soften the skin of your feet which can make blistering an callusing more prevalent. You want to invest in a sock that is either a synthetic or nylon polyester blend, some even prefer wool, which will wick moisture away and reduce friction in your shoes.

I have heel pain and often times the first few steps in the morning are rather painful, what should I do?

It sounds like Plantar Fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the band of tissue (the fascia) on the underside of your foot that connects to the heel. Either your current shoes aren't supportive enough or they're worn out. Without a supportive shoe the fascia drops at an excessive rate and therefore overworks itself.Therefore, a more supportive shoe may be necessary whether it's your running shoe or your everyday shoe (flip-flops) For simple tips on relieving plantar fasciitis, click here. If your heel pain persists or gets worse, see a sports-medicine doctor.

It feels as though my sock is bunching under the
ball of my foot and/or is a burning/numbing
feeling, what is this?

That burning feeling under the ball of your foot, typically right behind the second toe is common. Metatarsalgia pain comes from excessive pressure and friction.
A callus often forms in that region right behind the second toe, the cause is typically
due to overpronation or a lack of fat pad under neath the ball of the foot. We carry metatarsal pads that are placed under the ball of the foot and
will alleviate the discomfort currently felt.

I wear custom orthotics, will that effect
what type of shoe I buy?

Yes. In most cases, adding a customized orthotic will increase the amount of motion-control you get from a shoe, which normally means you can go with a shoe that provides less control to start with. But every runner is different. We recommend bringing in your orthotics when getting fit for shoes that way we can tell exactly how much support your orthotics are adding an ensure that you're getting the proper fitting shoe.

I've heard that running shoes need 48 hours to recover after a run, so is it a good idea to rotate between two pairs?

Shoes need about 24 hours to recover after a run. While modern midsoles rebound relatively quickly and the loss of cushioning is extremely slight, if you run one evening and then the next day at noon, for example, your shoes will not give you as much protection as shoes that have had a full day's rest. This is especially true if you're covering 50-plus miles a week or doing multiple runs a day. Because life is complicated enough without having to worry about how long your shoes have had to recover, we suggest rotating in another pair.

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