100% Chance of...a Run!

100% Chance of...a Run!

By Brittany Jackett, Marketing Director
(Originally published in The Town Crier, April 2014) 

It’s spring time and as the old adage states, “April showers bring, May flowers,” we can expect to see our fair share of the wet stuff over the next few weeks. But just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean the treadmill is the only option to get in the miles. Dressing properly and being prepared will make a jaunt in the rain remarkably refreshing! (Yes, really! A run in the rain can be amazing!)

Imagine a warm spring rain, you playfully crashing through puddles, conquering mile after mile. Your mind clears, troubles fade – the rain and the run, in a real and cliché sense, cleansing your mind and body. Sounds pretty incredible; however, all too often the scene is a bit different.

Eyes flooded with rain and unable to see, your next step is directly into a deep puddle (which feels more like a small pond). Your sock is now completely soaked and your toes start to rub uncomfortably against each other. Blisters are inevitable at this point. You’re drenched and tired from covering mile after long, treacherous mile, draped in three layers of heavy, rain soaked clothes. 

To ensure scenario number two doesn’t happen to you this spring, here are a few simple tips to a successful experience running in the rain:

  1. Wear a hat. And make sure it has a brim. Running with an umbrella is kind of like running with scissors – you don’t do it! So the next best thing is a hat with a brim – a.k.a. a built in ‘mini-umbrella’ for your eyes!
  2. Be seen. Just like at night or in the snow, wear bright colors and reflective apparel. Rain is nearly, if not as bad, as darkness for drivers – so the brighter the better!
  3. Ditch all the layers. Yes, it is raining, but just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you’ll need to layer up. Dress for the temperature and include a great water repellant layer for the rain. Adding unneeded layers just means extra wet, heavy clothing that will make your run unpleasant and cumbersome.
  4. Chafing – yep, it happens to the best of us. Especially when it’s raining and you’re wet from head to toe. Be sure to generously apply Body Glide or a similar product – even if you are not often prone to chafing – you’re going to be thankful you did!

Hats, Body Glide, rain repellent jackets and reflective gear are all easily accessible and typically available at running specialty stores. A few simple tips can mean the difference between a truly incredible, rewarding experience and never lacing up in the rain again. Happy Running!

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