5 Ways to Get the Whole Family Fit

Help your family get fit with these easy (and fun) tips!

1. Family Fitness Challenges- agree on a prize anyone in the family would be eager to win and choose an amount of time to complete challenge.  Have each family member come up with different fitness-related activities (10 jumping jacks, 15 push-ups, 8,000 steps, etc.) that would need to be accomplished daily.  Create a chart so family members can mark down completed tasks. Tally up the accomplishments to decide who wins the prize. Then start all over with a different time period and different challenges. Add on to your challenges to increase stamina and strength as well!

2. Walk Instead of Drive- Depending on where you are going, decide to walk instead of drive.  Maybe you can walk to the park or walk to the closest store.  Park further away and walk to the store. Always park in a spot furthest away from the door and walk!

3. Family Game Night- Book a night a week where your family gets together to play a game (basketball, toss the football, tag, family day Olympics, etc.). Get the family out and moving!

4. Daily Doses- Whether it is a morning stretch or an after dinner walk, get the family together everyday to do something. Take a walk after dinner before your favorite TV show.

5. Go Old School- Introduce your children to the games you used to play as children. Show them what your childhood was like (no video games)! 


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