Breathing While Running

How To Breathe While Running

How to breathe while running is probably the most common running question among new runners. As new runners, you don't need to really worry too much about breathing techniques. You should breathe in and get air any way you can, whether it's through your mouth or through your nose. But, with that said, some of us still have a hard time breathing while running. Here are some tips to get things under control.

  1. Try slowing down before attempting to change your breathing. If you're feeling short of breath, it's a sign that you are not taking in enough oxygen for the speed you are running.
  2. Focus on longer, deeper breaths.
  3. Breath more from your diaphragm (belly) than your chest (chest breathing is more shallow).
  4. Focus on exhaling more fully. This will remove more carbon dioxide and allow for deeper inhalations of oxygen.
  5. Try breathing through both the nose and mouth. This will allow for maximum oxygen intake.
  6. Lastly, try to pay attention and be sure you're not holding your breath. In some situations, we tend to hold our breath without realizing it. Consciously remind yourself to inhale and exhale!

Happy Breathing :) 


Jenn Gill

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