Five Tips for Running While on Vacation

5 Tips for Running While on Vacation

- Jenn Gill

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. And with that comes summer travel. Between weekend getaways and road trips, your running will most likely take a back seat at some point during the summer. But it doesn't have to! With a little preparation, you running doesn't have to take a vacation. 

Here's five tips to keep your running on track throughout the summer:

1. RUNNING SHOES PACK WELL! Running shoes may be a bit bulky, but when it comes to other sports, we runners have it easy. All we need are a few key items such as shoes, shorts, shirts and a sports bra (for the ladies) and we are good to go. Take a little time before you leave to check the weather and plan your running wardrobe accordingly. To keep your running as low key as your vacation, leave your watch at home.

2. MAP IT OUT! If you're worried about not knowing the area where you're staying, check out some mapping websites before you head out of town and plan out your routes. Websites like MapMyRun and Gmaps Pedometer are great ways to plan a few routes so you have a better idea of where to run. Staying at a hotel? Speak with the front desk. There are many hotels that have pre-planned running routes for their guests. Some even have maps you can take along with you . And use your gut as a guide, if you don't feel safe, bag your run until you can run in a safe area.

3. RUN WITH THE LOCALS. If you're traveling in the US this summer, look up local running clubs to see if they have a group run during your stay in the area. This way you get the benefit of running with a group along a pre-planned route without much of a hassle. Even better - check if there's a Fleet Feet Sports nearby and join them for a group run!

4. SIGN UP FOR A RACE. Why not check out the local racing scene while you're on vacation? It's a great way to see what the running community is like elsewhere around the country while getting a great run. You can expand the search area of your very own Washington Running Report race calendar and check out Active for races throughout the country.

5. HAVE A GREAT TRIP! Even with all of your planning, you may still have to miss some of your miles. That's all right!! Don't feel guilty about it. If you can get in a few miles, that's great as some miles are better than none! But make sure you're taking time to relax and enjoy your vacation too! A little rest and relaxation is an important part of your training.

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