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Plagued by Plantar Fasciitis?


This article by Dave Strassburg, creator of the Strassburg Sock, will give you all the information you need to recognize, treat and prevent plantar fasciitis from prohibiting you from living the healthy lifestyle you desire.

What is Plantar Fasciitis and how would the Strassburg Sock help me? by Dave Strassburg, creator of the Strassburg Sock.



Running a Long Distance Race? It’s never too early to start thinking about your post race recovery plan.

You’ve put months of training and many hundreds of miles on your Garmin getting ready for your race. Did you know that what you do immediately after the race can have a HUGE impact on how you recover? Running a marathon, or any long distance race, is a big accomplishment and will take a tremendous physical toll on your body.

At Fleet Feet Sports Gaithersburg we have many of the tools that therapists and trainers recommend to help you with post race recovery, like compression apparel, massage tools, and stretching aids. One of the unique new products we carry is called Runner’s Remedy created by the makers of the Strassburg Sock. These unique products consist of compression wraps designed for specific and commonly troublesome areas like the shin, achilles, and arch. Unlike the ice packs you get at the drugstore, these ice packs are small, reusable, and form fitted to specific areas to provide targeted relief and recovery. They are the only product on the market to combine the benefits of icing and compression together and are only available from qualified running specialty retailers like Fleet Feet Sports.


Stop by the store today to learn about Runner’s Remedy and get your post-race recovery plan in place.


The Runner's Five: The 5 Most Common Running Injuries & Ways to Manage Them


Dr. John H. Park - Chiropractor, founder of Progressive Spinal and Sports Rehabilitation

1.  Plantar Fasciitis

2.  Shin Splints

3.  Runner's Knee

4.  Achilles Tendinitis

5.  ITB Friction Syndrome


Run your personal best


Steven Hefferon, CMT, PTA -  Back pain specialist

1.  Inflammation

Injury Prevention:

1.  Tips from Rachel Miller, PT, OCS, Certified Running Coach


Training with Coach Jenn


Jenn Gill, MPH - Jenn was previously the Director of Marketing, Head Coach and Running Group Coordinator for Fleet Feet Sports, Gaithersburg.  She also offers personal coaching online and in-person.  To learn more about her services go to; to ask her any running related questions, contact her at


Miscellaneous articles

1.  Over Forty -   Susan Lemmon, Certified Personal Trainer, NSPA, (301) 452-1497,

over forty

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