Good Form Running

GFR (Good Form Running) will help you run more efficiently, faster and injury free. With focus on proper mechanics, Good Form Running aims to helps runners of all ages and abilities achieve those goals.

GFR has 4 components to it which include: POSTURE, MIDFOOT, CADENCE and LEAN. Here is an overview of all 4 components and the first two demonstrated. 

1) Posture: 

  • Stand tall
  • Point toes forward
  • Reach the sky to reset your posture
  • As you run, keep your head up and gaze forward. Your arms should swing easily from the shoulders with elbows about 90 degrees

2) Midfoot:

  • March in place prior to your run to reinforce the proper midfoot strike
  • Heel striking and overstriding cause braking
  • Landing on forefoot can strain the calf and achilles

3) Cadence:

  • Aim for a cadence of 180 strides per minute
  • To find your cadence, count the number of right foot strikes for 20 seconds and then multiply by 6
  • Run light and avoid pounding 

4) Lean:

  • Lean from your ankles without bending at waist
  • Flexing at the ankles reduces unnecessary muscle straining caused by toeing off
  • Use gravity to your advantage instead of excessive muscle force


Common Running Form:
Slouching posture, heel striking, overstriding and bending from the waist lead to inefficient effort, excessive body shock, braking forces and many common injuries.

Good Form Running:
Tall body alignment, midfoot strike, high cadence and a forward lean ensure an easier run, increased efficiency and greatly reduce the chance of injury


Thank you to our friends at New Balance for designing Good Form Running

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