How to Stay on Track with Your Weight Loss Goals

Staying on track with weight loss is always tough.  Here are a few ways to help you stay on track:

1, Eat More- Yes, you read this correctly. Staying on track means having an eating plan that is REALISTIC. Do not deprive yourself too much because that leads to a binge. To feel fuller, eat nuts, avocados, lean fish, or anything else that has monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats. 

2. Meal Plans- Pick a day of the week, and plan your meals.  Have everything ready from dinners to snacks.  Instead of grabbing the bag of chips when you're hungry, take the pre-portioned bag of nuts out to snack on or maybe the baggie of cucumbers you cut up in the fridge. For dinner, it is the same thing. Make your meals for the week and portion them out into containers. Instead of going through the drive-through, go home and throw your meal in the microwave!

3. Accountability- A great way to stay on track is having a strong support system. Lose weight and get healthy with your friends and family. If the people that are closest to you are trying to stay on track as well, you will be less likely to fall off the wagon.

4. Know Yourself- Know what you like and what you can't live without. With the foods that you just have to have, add them into your eating plan. You cannot restrict yourself from your favorite foods because you most likely will not stay on track. 

5. Record Your Progress- Keep a food and weight diary.  Log what you eat and when you eat it. Also, log your weight every day. By having your food and weight diary you can see your progress. By seeing the good or the bad it will help motivate you to do better and keep it up! 

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