Lessons Learned

As we increase in mileage, some runners start to think about why they run and the struggle to stay motivated comes into play.
Here are some lessons we know that come with running:

1) Practice makes perfect. It's an old cliche but one that has meaning. Any time you try something new, it is hard at first. So, you won't get better at running unless you.... well, run. Forgive yourself if you make mistake and then figure out what works and and change what doesn't. If you make the decision to improve, you will.

2) Acquire the tools to succeed. A very important tool for a runner is good form. Without it, your strides may be inefficient and use up too much energy. Poor running form can also be the cause of aches and pains. There will be a clinic next month that will involve observing your running form -- check it out and come to it.
Another important tool is have a good pair of shoes. Make sure that your shoes are right for you and that they are "working". If you have questions about your shoes, come into the store and meet with one of the FIT associates -- they can definitely make sure you are in the right pair!!

3) Do your best and don't worry about the rest. Run your personal best each time you run and play to your strengths, whether it be endurance, speed, stamina, whatever it is.

4) Don't give up !! This goes for many challenges that we face in our lives. The more challenges you accept, the more you learn about yourself. This is as true about running as it is about life. If you are too afraid to try something new in running (new distance, new trail, new race), you will will never learn that you can do it. So put yourself to the test and try something that is new and scary. You will be glad you did!!

5) Always be prepared. Don't leave your house without ID and the proper apparel. Running can teach us things about being prepared. Make sure you carry water, nutrition (if needed), know your route ahead of time, wear ID with emergency contact information and medical conditions just in case something happens.

6) Finally, take time to smell the roses. Life can be crazy and frantic, especially in the Washington, DC area. But that shouldn't stop you from slowing down and enjoying it. Sometimes it is refreshing to just take off the GPS or watch and run at your own speed. Slow down, unplug, reset, turn off the music, watch the landscape and just enjoy!!!


Karen Craney
Training Program Coordinator
RRCA Certified Coach
Fleet Feet Sports Certified Coach
Fleet Feet Sports, Gaithersburg, MD

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