You can be incredibly active, running miles and miles each week, but without proper nutrition (and hydration!) your efforts can nearly go to waste. Nutrition and hydration are keys to success and growth as an athlete, as a runner and, simply as a healthier you! Find information here on all things hydration and nutrition to help you on your journey. 

One of the keys to performing at a high level is maintaining a consistent source of fuel for your body both in terms of calories and electrolytes. Our nutrition selection provides runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts with a wide variety of products and brands. But remember, never try anything new on race day - experiment with what works best during your training!


The ultimate in fast food! Best when you need fast-acting, easy-to-digest source of energy on the move. Use it before and during exercise (every 30-45 minutes) to keep you going strong.

PRODUCTS WE CARRY: GU Energy Gel, Hammer Gel, Huma Gel


When you need something to chew on...sometimes gels just don't work. Either you can't tolerate the glob or they infuse too much good stuff at once and your body just can't handle it resulting in cramping. These products are great because they can be eaten individually over a period of time which keeps your fuel levels consistent and your mouth occupied.

PRODUCTS WE CARRY: Power Bar Energy Blasts, Honey Stinger Chews, GU Energy Chews, Clif Shot Blocks, Jelly Belly Sport Beans, NEW! Run Gum


Sometimes your body needs more than what water can provide. These sports drinks are low in sugar and high in electrolytes and energy!

PRODUCTS WE CARRY: Hammer HEED, Skratch Exercise Hydration Mix, Nuun Hydration, UCAN


Your body needs 200-300 calories of specific nutrition within 15-30 minutes of your athletic pursuits to speed physical and mental recovery and since recovery has a direct effect on your performance tomorrow - think of these as wonder products!

PRODUCTS WE CARRY: Clif Bar Builder Bars, Vermont Smoke and Cure Meat Sticks, Clif Organic Energy Food, Honey Stinger Waffles



Hydrating: Even in the Winter! Ever think to yourself, "Eh, it's cold...I don't need to worry about bringing any hydration with me on the run." Think again! Hydration in the winter is just as essential as hydration in the hot summer months. The hydration experts at nuun explain the importance of hydration all year long. Click here to learn more.

Hydration & Dehydration: Tips on hydrating properly, and how to spot dehydration. Click here to read more.

Running a Marathon? Hydration tips to keep you moving for 26.2! Click here to read more.

Healthy Living: You're running and walking more - which is awesome - but what about what you're putting into your body as fuel. Make a 'lifestyle' change. Click here for some great information from runner and holistic health coach, Amy Nastick of Hungry Heartbreak



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