Race Day Tips

Race Day Tips To Remember : 

1. The day before a race you should be taking in plenty of water in order to have a well-hydrated body. 
2. Pick a dinner that going to give you enough carbohydrates but is not going to upset your stomach or cause you to feel superstuffed.
3. Do not put on a brand new pair of shoes because you think you are going to run better. Run in the shoes that are already broken in and you are used to. 
4. Wear clothing that wick your perspiration away. Wear clothes that can be adjusted easily (running gloves, running hat, arm sleeves, etc). More about what to wear based on the temperature in another section.
5. Stop at the water stations but don't linger. Get water from the last table and if you need to walk, move over to the right. 
6. The morning of the race, take care of all of your bathroom necessities. Enough said. 
7. On the morning of the race, eat what you usually eat before a training run. Don't try any thing new or different.
8. If you know you get hungry when you are running, plan ahead of time and bring some nutrition in a fanny pack or fuel belt. 
9. Leave the headphones at home !!! This is a big race with lots of fun (jingle bells, costumes) so get into the spirit of it and leave your music at home.
10. If you feel your running pace is off, follow someone who is just in front of you but is going fast enough that you can pace with them. If you lose them, find someone else you can pace yourself with because this will help you find your rhythm.

FINALLY...... have fun!!

Karen Craney
Training Program Coordinator
RRCA Certified Coach
Fleet Feet Sports Certified Coach
Fleet Feet Sports, Gaithersburg MD

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