Rain on Race Day!

Rain on Race Day! What Now?

Running in the rain can be a challenge but it can also be fun. Here are some tips to help make the wet weather more enjoyable:

1. Prep your skin. Even if you are going to a short run, wet skin can lead to uncomfortable chafing. Before you get dressed, wipe any hot spots with an anti-chafing balm such as Body Glide. Make not to miss armpits, inner thighs and for women, all areas that touch your sport's bra's seams. Another place to rub are your feet -- wet socks cause friction which cause blisters. An ounce of prevention here will go a long way !!

2. Dress for the weather. The most common mistake runner make while gearing up for a rainy run is loading up on the layers. Heavy clothing will leave you overheated, bogged down and soaked through. If it's raining, the temperature is above freezing. All you need is a moisture-wicking shirt, a lightweight rain jacket, a pair of running tights (or shorts) and a brimmed cap to keep the water out of your eyes.

3. Leave your watch at home. Why risk water damaging your fancy GPS device? Focus on having fun rather than pace or distance and your rainy run will turn into an adventure rather than a chore.

4. Get the newspaper ready. What's way worse than a wet run? Putting on wet running shoes the next day. When you get home, take the insoles out and stuff your shoes with newspaper to draw the water out. If the shoes got really soaked, take out that newspaper after a couple of hours and put fresh newspaper in again. You will be amazed how the newspaper sucks all that water up and dries out the shoes !!

5. Be visible. If you are running on the road and/or the sidewalks, wear bright reflective gear or a blinking/flashing light. If the light conditions are poor due to the rain, it is important to make sure you are visible to cars.

Finally, have fun and enjoy it!! We can control many things in our lives but weather isn't one of them so just go with the flow!!


Karen Craney
Training Program Coordinator
RRCA Certified Coach
Fleet Feet Sports Certified Coach
Fleet Feet Sports, Gaithersburg, MD

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