Should You Run With a Cold?

The question always arises, "Should I run or rest when I have a cold?" You do not want to get more sick, however you also do not want to lose the stamina you have built over the course of your training. Many doctors refer to the neck rule, where any symptoms relating to the neck and below means you should rest.  That would mean anything involving sore throats, coughing, chest congestion, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. would involve resting. However, anything above the neck, such as, runny nose, stuffiness, etc. does not usually require time off. Running has been proven to actually help you with congestion and other cold symptoms.  One thing to remember if you decide to run with a cold is to run at an easy pace with shorter distances.  When running with a cold, you want to maintain your fitness; you should not worry about improving it. Pay attention to nausea, dizziness, elevated heart rate, and excessive sweating when you are on your run.  When running sick, there is always risk for worsening it. Make sure you listen to your body, if you don’t, you could be resting a lot longer than a few days.

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