Thanksgiving... HELP!

Thanksgiving is the root of all evil. Delicious food, everywhere, and it is made with cream and butter, lots of butter.  You have been staying on track but you know you do not want this one day to ruin you.  Don't let it! You do not have to let Thanksgiving throw you off your meal plan, and you also don't have to forgo all of your favorites either!  One thing to remember is you do not want to overeat. Thanksgiving has been the day to eat until you have to unbutton your pants... Why? Enjoy your meal this Thanksgiving. Take your first bite and put your fork down.  Enjoy the taste and the company around you.  Take it slow and see how you feel. It is a day to be around your loved ones, not eat until you burst!

  1. Turkey is the main course in a normal Thanksgiving meal.  Turkey is good for you, if you eat it correctly. Instead of going for the drumstick and dunking it in gravy, go for the white breast and enjoy it with some cranberry sauce.
  2. Mashed potatoes, use plain Greek yogurt and chicken broth.  
  3. Vegetables don't come to mind in a Thanksgiving meal unless it is the infamous green bean casserole. Stay away from the casseroles, they have cream and butter galore. Instead, do a green bean amandine or roasted veggies with sage and some garlic. That will pair well with your stuffing and turkey, and leave you feeling guilt free.
  4. Stuffing, everyone's favorite, bread galore. Change it up a little. Use a gluten free bread or wheat bread (about 14 oz.), skip the sausage, and add extra veggies (onions, celery, mushrooms, and peppers).
  5. Cranberry sauce is an easy fix. Make it yourself! It tastes better and is better for you. Do not get the jellied stuff.  Use fresh cranberries, oranges, and a little sugar. Delicious, and much better for you.
  6. Gravy has two options, either say no completely or instead of using the pan drippings, use apple cider vinegar and chicken or turkey broth.
  7. Dessert, the part of the night where you are not quite sure you can eat one more morsel, but you do it anyway. No!!! Have a light dessert with fruit or a crustless pumpkin pie. Getting a bunch of different berries and adding a drop of cool whip and a few chocolate shavings will crush that sweet craving and leave you feeling happy.

A good rule for any meal and especially on Thanksgiving when you usually go overboard is the plate rule. 
Half of the plate should be veggies (can use some fruit).  Avoid the casseroles or anything involving heavy cream or butter.  
One quarter of the plate should be grains.  Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing fall into this category.  Skip the bread completely.  You don't need it!
The other quarter is your meat.  Again, use the lean white meat.  Try out the fruit-based relish on top instead of gravy; it takes the turkey to a whole new level of delicious! 
Stay away from going to get seconds, but if you must, use smaller plates! It will trick your mind into thinking you're eating the same amount.  Using smaller plates means you cannot put as much on your plate, therefore, eating less! 

Most of all, have fun and be happy! Thanksgiving is a huge holiday filled with football, parades, and family. Enjoy the day and do not completely avoid all of your favorites, you won't make it! Give in to the right foods, not all. 

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