Have a passion for running or walking?
Love helping others and encouraging their drive for a healthier, more active lifestyle?

The Fleet Feet Sports, Gaithersburg Mentors Team is a passionate group of walk and run volunteers who help people reach their goals of running or walking a specific distance. As a mentor you understand the unique emotions within the program because you have been where new participants will be, every step of the way. You've completed the program (or have been in a similar program), so you will be a role model and a source of energy and inspiration to help participants, not just get to the finish line, but inspire them to see that lifetime fitness can be achieved and maintained.
You are the motivation!

You will provide encouragement, share knowledge and experiences and teach. Everyone has a story. Tell your story. Show the new program participants that if you can do it...they can too! Listen to participants and build their confidence and trust by empowering them to see what they can do! Most importantly, be prepared to make a huge difference in people's lives!

You will be a role model and a source of energy and inspiration.

What we look for in a Fleet Feet Mentor:

- Fleet Feet Sports Ambassador
- Past training program participant
- Motivate and inspire participants
- Provide advice, share knowledge and experiences
- Be a source of inspiration, motivation and energy
- Assist coach and arrive early/on time
- Understand the weekly route and topics of discussion
- Promote safety
- Be prepared to pace an assigned group and stay with that assigned group every run.
- Relay critical information/suggestions/concerns to head coach

As a bonus, there are also tons of perks of being a Fleet Feet Mentor! From the satisfaction of helping someone find their love for running or walking to freebies and discounts from program sponsors. (ie New Balance, Brooks, etc.)
Please be aware this is a volunteer position.

If you think you just might have what it takes to become a Fleet Feet Sports Mentor, please fill out the FORM HERE.
*Please note - not all programs currently need mentors. You will be contacted on an as needed basis.*


Program Start: As needed basis.
Program Fee: Volunteer Position!

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