The Fleet Feet Sports, Gaithersburg FITLOSOPHY™ is our commitment to the concept of a proper FIT in all aspects of our lives - from our commitment to helping you find the proper FIT for your running shoes, to assisting you in determining how running, walking or an active lifestyle FITS into your life.
Simply stated, FITLOSOPHY™ is our Fit Philosophy and our approach to everything we do! Our process begins by ensuring that runners and walkers of all abilities and ages are FIT with the proper footwear, sports bras and technical apparel to meet their individual needs.

Our Footwear FIT Process:

1. Getting to Know You.
We listen carefully to your needs, take into consideration any of your aches and pains, and evaluate your experience with  your current footwear.

2. Your Measurements.
Several measurements of each foot are used to ensure correct sizing. Both weighted and unweighted measurements, as well as different point to point measurements are taken.

3. Gait Analysis.
We will observe your foot in motion. This helps us determine how you move and the biomechanics of your gait.

4. Fitting and Recommendations.
Based on our findings, we will provide you with a selection of shoes we think will work best for  you. We will discuss the options and provide our recommendations.

5. The Decision.
This one is all you! Only you know how the shoe actually feels.

6. Ready to Go!
We want every customer to know we are here to take care of any and all additional or future needs.  

The Sports Bra

The second most important piece of equipment for the female runner/walker is the sports bra. Shockingly, 8 out of every 10 women are wearing the wrong size/type sports bra. We offer a Sports Bra FIT Process for women looking to find the right sports bra for their running and fitness needs.

For details on the Sports Bra FIT Process watch the video below:

Sports Bra FIT Process


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