Fleet Feet Gaithersburg Walkers Club - Spring

Fleet Feet Training has helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals since our first program in 2005. Runners, walkers and triathletes across the DMV have joined the movement and become part of our training team. We offer programs for anyone, whether your goal is to finish your first 5K or to qualify for the next Marathon. 

The programs we offer are led by experienced and professional coaches, side by side with the support of volunteer mentors that keep participants both motivated and accountable. There is a place for everyone, no matter what your fitness level is or what pace you run. The training is structured and specified to our participants and provides a detailed road map towards your goals. Let us help you make those dreams become reality! These programs cater to the local community, but are part of a national network.  Fleet Feet Sports training participants will feel a sense of inclusiveness and belonging while safely meeting fitness goals.

Please join the Fleet Feet Gaithersburg Strava Club.  Once you are in you can connect with other members, see the clubs best photos, stories, events, and group activities in your feed - lots of cool stuff you can't get anywhere else.

Please join the Fleet Feet Maryland Rock n Roll Run Club. If you plan on running any of the Rock n Roll races you can now join the Fleet Feet Maryland Club to access benefits based on how many runners sign up for a particular event.


Race registration and race fees are not included in training registration.  Please remember to register for the race.

Fleet Feet Training is available year round with a new program cycle starting with the turn of the season.

Fleet Feet Training is excited to announce our Training Program offerings for 2020 Winter! We offer programs for everyone!  Whether you're looking to get off the couch or want to tackle your next marathon, we can help you find the motivation to accomplish your goals.  

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Program Start: 2020-03-30
Program Schedule: Monday at 06:30 PM
Goal Race: Colleen's BA 5k
Program Fee: 60.00
Description: Do you like to walk and talk with your friends? Or are you interested in more purposeful walking at a little faster or longer pace? Whatever your walking preference, Fleet Feet Walker’s Club is a good way to get moving, improve your health and have fun as part of a local walking community. Walking with others can keep you motivated, improve your accountability and help you meet new people with similar goals. Take steps toward a healthier lifestyle with this low-impact program that helps you safely incorporate walking into a regular fitness routine. Whether you are ready to start walking a mile or two or three we’ve got the speed and distance that will fit your needs. Supportive and trained coaches/pacers will help participants achieve fitness walking goals and assist them in meeting new fitness partners along the way. Participants will be encouraged and prepared to walk a 5K or 10K at the end of the training program. Participants must be able to walk 1 mile at a 20 minute/mile pace (approximately 20 minutes) and be prepared to increase time and distance weekly. Participants with significant medical concerns should check these criteria with a physician before starting the program.
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